DigiHome LAN is the new LAN system that uses the mains ring around your home

  Get on board with the latest technology with DigiHome LAN from AEI - It's a Powerline LAN system for the whole home.
AEI DigiHome™ is the new network communication system for the home or small office using powerline technology. It uses the ring main to carry the signals from a modem to a PC (Modem Link), or between any number of PC's or IP devices around the home (LAN+).

DigiHome™ adaptors are available with Ethernet or USB sockets, and LAN networks can be created using any combination with up to 16 adaptors installed in any one location.

By simply plugging the adaptors in around your home or office you create an instant LAN system with no setting up or software requirements.

Share your broadband internet connection with AEI DigiHome™!

It's the ultimate partner for 'around the home gaming' because there is no time lag/latency, signal clash or repeated need to retransmit data. Generates rapid and precise data transfer for internet gaming use.

"You Win with Precision
Internet Gaming"
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  Up to 14mbits LAN that gets up to 16 PCs sharing the same internet access point
The Modem Link is the fastest way to create a connection between a dial-up, ADSL or Cable Modem, and a PC. It provides a totally secure and wire-free communication channel with options including Ethernet and USB connections.

An added benefit of USB to Ethernet protocol conversion occurs when using a USB adaptor, with an Ethernet adaptor.

Driver software is only required where the USB adapt or is used and in some cases will automatically load pre-installed with Windows XP.

Each adaptor features a security code protecting connection to the network from unauthorised access. In more security sensitive applications, internal MAC addresses can be burnt-in-stone.

Plug in DigiHome LAN adaptors and up to 16 PCs can share one internet access point.
DigiHome Plug-top adaptor - just plug into any available power outlet and your network is ready to go. Choose from Ethernet or USB outputs.
  Connect any home IP appiliance to a powerline adaptor
To create you very own LAN+ system simply start plugging in the DigiHome LAN adaptors around your home or office and they will automatically start communicating with each other. The moment you plug in an adaptor (USB or Ethernet) it will illuminate AMBER when another adaptor is detected.

Your LAN system is then ready to go. With Ethernet adaptors there's no software required either.

As well as a built in security code within each adaptor you can assign your network a unique password using our wizard supplied on CDROM. A 64 bit encryption key then protects your network against unauthorised access.

Pack Combinations: You can create your own custom LAN pack combinations choosing from any of the 3 following units:-

1. Part No. DH-01-14-USB DigiHome™ USB Adaptor with 1.2m cable
2. Part No. DH-01-14-ET   DigiHome™ Ethernet Adaptor with 2.0m cable
3. Part No. DH-01-14-BR   DigiHome™ Router with 1.2m Ethernet cable

Note: All adaptors are shipped with identical passwords as standard unless otherwise requested. More Pack Options Here..

Plug-top adaptors: DigiHome™ LAN system is so flexible that you can create a home or office LAN system in seconds using the our plug-top style slave adaptors. Use any combination of Ethernet or USB adaptors. Router: An optional DigiHome™ router enables Ethernet connections to be made to ADSL or cable modems, existing wired or wireless LAN points etc and handles all communication with the DigiHome™ adaptors (16 max).
• Adaptors simply plug into any power socket
• DIY Installation - no expertise required!
• Up to 3 times faster than wireless LAN (
• Up to 3 times greater range than wireless LAN  (5,000sq/ft Max)
• DSL and Cable modem compatible
• Connects to your PC's Ethernet port
• Max 16 adaptors per LAN Installation
• Sony Playstation® 2, and Microsoft XBox® compatible
• Uses the mains ring, so there's no RF interference
• Plug'n'play compatibility
• 64bit encryption key
• No latency issues for fast and precise gaming
• No software required - just plug 'n' go!
• Fully Expandable
• Low cost

Share your broadband internet connection with AEI DigiHome™!

It's the ultimate partner for around the home gaming because there is no time lag/latency, signal clash or repeated need to retransmit data. Generates smooth and rapid partner gaming for internet use.


Why is the AEI DigiHome™system more reliable?

Tests prove that in larger homes or offices the Powerline DigiHome technology is capable of achieving up to 3 times greater range than conventional 2.4ghz wireless IEEE802.11 LAN

Plug top styles are available for USA, UK, Europe and Australia
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